My Approach


“I believe in the capacity of the individual to build on their strengths, clarify their guiding values, stop self defeating cycles, and move on to contribute to the larger community.” – Cynthia Hutchins

Cynthia Hutchins, MS, LPC-S, is a psychotherapist who serves as a coach, teacher, guide, and cheerleader as her clients strive to build a balanced, purposeful and meaningful life. She begins with an assessment of where you are and what the obstacles are that are preventing you from leading your best life. Her treatment plan maximizes your strengths and will empower you to envision the path you want to lead in life.

People typically begin to define themselves by their symptoms. This causes crippling despair, which can quickly lead people to give up on themselves. Treatment provides you with the tools necessary to remove the obstacles from your path so you can look forward to building your best self.

The recovery journey will have its ups and downs, but ultimately, you can discover who you are meant to be. Cynthia will teach you to equip yourself with coping tools necessary to build towards your dreams.